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Attract New Clients with 

Residential Real Estate Direct Marketing

Scroll down to see the necessary components for a successful campaign!


Residential Real Estate Direct Marketing

Maximum Marketing AZ, Inc. has over 20 years of experience in residential real estate marketing.  Direct mail is a targeted and economical method to generate a consistent pipeline of buyers and sellers.  Postcards are highly effective in establishing your brand and building a presence in the market you want to dominate.


What Will Have Them Calling Your Number?

One definitive attribute of successful real estate agents is dedicated and consistent direct marketing. Postcards, especially utilizing Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), can target specific neighborhoods, all the way down to the individual carrier routes.  Your marketing should include:


  • High-res and aerial pictures

  • This is a relationship business; professional head-shots are a must

  • Clearly state your competitive advantage(s)

  • Be unique and memorable

  • Close with a clear offer

  • Contact information


The return on investment (ROI) with direct mail is real.  An agent needs very few listings to pay for a robust, annual marketing campaign.  Direct mail also helps to build and strengthen your brand.  Timing is everything, so having a steady presence and established brand will create consistent results!

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