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Since 2000, we have mailed over 31 million pieces of mail for thousands of clients.  We have taken new clients who have never sent direct mail all the way to the top of their field.  We have created marketing campaigns for real estate brokers, dentists, doctors, gyms, non-profits, banks, insurance, financial institutions, local businesses, and many others. Let us elevate YOU!


What We Offer:

Connect with one of our designers today!

  • No-cost campaign consultation

  • Targeted mailing lists for businesses, consumers & residential areas

  • Database verification including move updates

  • Maximized postage discounts

  • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) expertise

  • Detailed Time Targeting calendars

  • Nationwide delivery

  • We send samples with every order!

Direct Mail


Direct mail has many variables that can impact your success, so we put you in contact with a marketing specialist right from the start.  Our experts are trained to take you all the way to success! From graphic design, building and/or refining databases, choosing your print products, to executing your marketing campaign.


Direct Mail is a proven marketing tool that increases revenue.
  • Direct Mail is highly targeted and always seen.  You can expect both immediate responses as well as cumulative brand building.

  • Postcards have a 100% view rate.  Well-crafted postcards can tell your story in 7 seconds or less and stand out above a flood of digital marketing.

  • Social and digital marketing have limitations.  Don’t go another month without implementing one of the strongest ways to acquire new customers!

  • High-quality postcards, brochures, and other print products can significantly elevate your brand.

  • Whether you need a quick postcard for your latest promotion or an entire corporate identity created from scratch, Maximum Marketing is here for you.

EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail


Every Door Direct Mail is a specific mailing service offered by the USPS.  EDDM is the lowest cost postage option for businesses and industries that are targeting whole neighborhoods around their location.  It provides specific advantages over other bulk mail options:


  • EDDM is the least expensive postage option (other than non-profit).

  • EDDM does not require a database.

  • Our mail specialists will help you target specific postal carrier routes around your business.

  • Each carrier route can be mapped out and provide you with demographic information, including household size and income.

Learn More About:

  • Move Updates

  • Duplicates

  • Database Grading/Assessment

  • Verification

  • Tracking

  • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

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