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In marketing, many people are overly focused on “what” they are sending and not enough on “who” they are targeting.  Who you are targeting is half the battle. Online companies offering you the cheapest products and services are bypassing many keys to successful marketing. This is where we come in. Maximum Marketing offers the following strategies and tools: 

Move Updates: 

We have online access to the USPS Move Update registry.  We cross-reference your database and discover every individual, family, or business that has moved in the past four years.  This information is up to the minute accurate and self-reported by those who have moved.  We can also send back an Excel database to you with all of the updated records, so your database stays current.



Most people match name and address when screening for duplicates.  However, we provide multiple options to filter duplicates (depending on your data).  Many real estate mailers send duplicates to the same address, thinking they eliminated all of them.  For example, many title and property record sources use different ownership names for every property they own.  A company that owns ten properties may show up ten times under various names at the same address.  Our High-Level Duplicate Screening can narrow duplicates down to one record regardless of the name(s).  This can save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually.


Database Grading:

You can request a complimentary assessment analyzing the quality of your database.  Our professionals can give you a comprehensive grade based on the age and accuracy of the list.  We will also let you know if we see red flags such as a 10%+ move update rate.  This is a leading indicator of old data.



Basic database verification is standard, but our data professionals can also give you feedback on why certain data is not verifying.  Often, databases are compiled incorrectly.  One of our clients sent us a list that didn’t include suite numbers.  The database initially verified, but our review caught the missing field(s).  Working directly with a direct mail professional makes a difference.



Our professionals can set up a Dynamic QR Code to give you trackable results.  You can see when your mailer is received and whether recipients are connecting to your digital content, similar to measuring “click” rates with emails.  This digital feedback can help you customize your content to increase your effectiveness and targeting.  Find out who your best customers are!


EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail):

Knowing when and where to use EDDM can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in postage.  It can save you from purchasing an unnecessary mailing list.  EDDM is highly targeted to specific neighborhoods providing demographic and average household income data.  Feel free to discuss EDDM as a mailing option with our marketing professionals.


Our cutting-edge data services WILL elevate your marketing.

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