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Attract New Clients with Non-Profit Organization Direct Marketing

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Non-Profit Organization Direct Marketing

Maximum Marketing AZ, Inc. is a great supporter and partner of numerous non-profit organizations across the country.  We have printed and mailed hundreds of thousands of postcards for non-profits and produced high-quality flyers and brochures for their conferences and fundraisers.  We are proud to help you build your organization and find donors to support your cause.


What Will Have Them Calling Your Number?

Non-profits require very targeted databases and strategies to spread their message and solicit new donors and volunteers. Smaller postcards can be a cost-efficient option to reach more people. The USPS also offers non-profit bulk rates that we can help you set up.  Your marketing should include:

  • Concise messaging to communicate your mission, cause, and/or services

  • High-res images that support your purpose

  • Simple, clear way to donate or volunteer

  • Tactfully convey the urgency of your mission

  • Share brief, powerful stories and testimonials

  • Map of your location (or clearly state your location)

  • Contact information


Our professional layouts and fresh designs contain all of the elements to maximize your marketing dollars and funnel needed funding and volunteers your way. We can assist you in acquiring and refining your mailings lists using demographic and geographical data.  New donors will feel confident in choosing you because they have been impressed by your brand many times before and align with your organization’s mission and purpose.  

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