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The modernization and evolution of direct mail has arrived.  Marketing has expanded to include multiple digital channels such as email and social media.  We love to be able to watch “open” rates and “click” rates when our email campaigns are sent.  Now, with Dynamic QR Codes, direct mail can be fully integrated into your digital marketing.

100% Open Rate:

Understand that postcards have a 100% “open” rate; everyone sees your name and branding every time (passive branding).  Direct mail already achieves more right from the start.  While competing with other digital channels, direct mail has continuously maintained a higher response rate. 


Dynamic QR Codes add a new and innovative way to gather information, similar to measuring “click” rates.  We will generate and send you reports tracking when and where your QR codes are being scanned.  This gives you unprecedented information on when your mailer is being received and the effectiveness of your message.



Dynamic QR Codes have as many applications and digital targets as you can imagine. Here are just a few potential targets for your QR code:

General Marketing

  • Your website

  • A specific webpage for this mailer

  • A custom mobile page

  • A “download file” link

  • Social media link(s)

  • vCard contact information

  • Map of your location

  • Coupon (in store or website)

  • YouTube video

Real Estate Applications

  • A listing/closed webpage

  • Active inventory webpage

  • Your broker profile webpage

  • Current Interest Rate webpage

  • A Lead Generation mobile page

  • Market and Research Reports

  • vCard contact information

  • Map of a listing

  • YouTube video for virtual tours



Dynamic QR Codes can have your logo embedded in the center.  Because they are dynamic, you can change the target of your QR code from one mailer to the next.


Save It!:

Give potential clients a reason to save your mailer!  Point your Dynamic QR Code at a webpage or target that will have continuously updated information that they will want to keep or reference in the future.



Use a custom mobile page to capture potential client information by offering downloadable content such as a marketing package, exclusive information, research, etc.


About QR Codes

QR codes have been around for over ten years but their utility has never been higher.  Most smart phone cameras now recognize QR codes without using a special app.  Its just point and click.  One consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic is that QR codes are now more widely used.  Many restaurants are using downloadable menus accessed by a QR code.  Even older people recognize that any time they see a QR code, all they have to do is point their phone at it.

Maximum Marketing AZ Inc is now offering Dynamic QR Codes with tracking and reports.  Our marketing experts are ready to quickly set up a QR Code with your logo or initials.  We can assist you in targeting and effective strategies to maximize use of this digital tool.  Take your direct marketing to the next level by fully integrating digital and print!

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