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Attract New Clients with 

Professional Services Direct Marketing

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Professional Services Direct Marketing

Maximum Marketing AZ, Inc. has designed, printed and mailed over a million pieces of mail for mortgage and financial service companies.  Demographic targeting is a priority.  We can help you refine your list according to age, length of property ownership, annual income, geography, and other specific criteria.  Direct mail is an economical way to target your specific clients and generate a consistent pipeline of customers.  Postcards are highly effective in establishing your brand and building a presence in the market you want to dominate.

What Will Have Them Calling Your Number?

Smaller postcards (4"x 6" or 8.5"x 5.5") can be equally effective and are a more cost-efficient option, allowing you to target larger, more specific databases.  Your marketing should include:


  • Attractive & colorful images depicting your services, institution and/or your happy clients

  • Services you provide & any special offer(s)

  • How you add value (beyond the basic services)

  • Your company’s track record and/or current options and rates for mortgages, insurance, taxes, etc.

  • Clearly state your competitive advantage(s)

  • Be unique and memorable

  • Testimonials

  • Contact information

Our professional layouts and fresh designs contain all of the elements to maximize your marketing dollars and give you measurable results. Clients will feel confident in choosing you because they have been impressed by your brand many times before.

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