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EXCLUSIVE: Cost-Efficiency


Today, every marketing dollar needs the greatest impact possible. However, the postcards that are the most cost-efficient have changed. Direct marketing costs have shifted in two significant ways: postage increases and economy-of-scale printing.


Postage rates have increased in various categories at different rates. In the past, the postage rate for small postcards was less than standard letter rates, but now they are within $.01 of each other. Small postcards are no longer the most cost-efficient. In addition, the postage for large flat-size postcards has increased to double the standard letter rate.


Economy-of-scale printing has also evolved. Printing larger postcards in higher quantities is only marginally more expensive than smaller ones. Here is a break-down of the cost-efficiency for the most common postcards:

4.25x6 Postcards

  • Least expensive postcard in all quantities

  • Most expensive Price/Sq in marketing space at all quantities

5x7 Postcards

  • 42% more marketing space (sq in.)

  • Only 6% more expensive for 42% more space at 500+

  • SAME PRICE as 4.25x6 at 5,000+


8.5x5.5 Postcards

  • 93% more marketing space (sq in)

  • Only 12% more expensive for 93% more space at 500+

  • Only 4% more expensive at 5,000+

6x9 Postcards

  • 125% more marketing space (sq in)

  • 27% more expensive for 125% more space at 500+

  • Only 9% more expensive at 5,000+

6x11 Postcards - BEST $/Sq in for all quantities

  • 178% more marketing space (sq in)

  • 32% more expensive for 178% more space at 500+ 

  • Only 12% more expensive at 5,000+


8.5x11 Postcards - Postage rate doubles for this size

  • 298% more marketing space (sq in)

  • 97% more expensive for 298% more space at 500+

  • 88% more expensive at 5,000+


The price and size comparisons above are relative to the least expensive/smallest postcard size (4.25x6.)


Contact me to discuss what postcard size will meet your needs and be the most cost-efficient. There are many situations where a larger card could benefit you at a very low cost. For others, adjusting your quantity or postcard size might be a better strategy. Contact me today to take your marketing to the next level.

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