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Attract New Clients with 

Home Care Direct Marketing

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From businesses that provide pool services, housecleaning, landscaping & yard services, plumbing, and air conditioning to general & trade contractors, direct mail marketing - especially with postcards - is an affordable and successful way to reach new customers. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an invaluable tool to target whole neighborhoods at the lowest postage rate.  Postcards are a highly effective way to establish your brand and build a presence in the market you want to dominate.

What works best to attract new clients?

Large postcards (6x11) and EDDM sizes work exceptionally well to advertise for most home care businesses.  Again, EDDM is an indispensable tool to target geographically at the lowest postage rates.  Your marketing should include:


  • For Pool Services: Bright, colorful photos of sparkling clean pools

  • For Landscaping and Yard Services: Colorful pictures of lush lawns, tended flower beds, etc.

  • For General/Trade Contractors: high-res images that show the beauty & quality of your work

  • Products & services you offer

  • Why they should choose you over the competition

  • Special offer(s)

  • Testimonials

  • Business & professional accreditation

  • Contact information

Our professional layouts and fresh designs contain all of the elements to maximize your marketing dollars and give you measurable results. Clients will feel confident in choosing you because they have been impressed by your brand many times before.  To achieve the best results for pool & yard businesses, you should send three or four mailings every two weeks at the beginning of the season, then follow up with smaller mailings once a month.  For builders & contractors, mailing to every homeowner in your service area about once a month provides the consistency that tells prospective clients that you are steady and dependable; and it guarantees your postcard is handy when they’re ready to call. (We can help you in refining your database and mailing lists.)

Home Care Direct Marketing

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