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June 2021 - Recently, the USPS has been under intense scrutiny regarding changes by the Postmaster-General that may slow direct mail. This is a significant concern to many of our clients, so we spoke directly with postal workers on the ground.


The USPS is still more than capable of facilitating your direct marketing campaigns. While political issues are ruffling feathers at the top, postal employees are doing their jobs. Policies that were slowing turnaround are currently frozen and mail turnaround is returning to normal.


The USPS is a constitutionally established priority and will continue whether it maintains profitability or not. For advertisers and businesses, you shouldn’t experience any delays or negative impact on your turnaround times. A transitioning market is fertile territory to gain market share and capture new clients. You can feel confident that your direct marketing will be in mailboxes in a similar time frame as past mailers.

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